Frequently Asked Questions

1. What venues are utilised for the Module 1 interactive group discussion?

Pro-Active Low Risk Driving prides itself on delivering the Safer Driving Course Module 1 in conveniently located conference standard venues which are supported by ancillary personnel always available to ensure participants' well being and safety.

2. Is food and drink provided?

Pro-Active Low Risk Driving are pleased to also offer for your comfort, complimentary light refreshments during the Module 1 session and sealed bottled water for the Module 2 in car coaching session at no additional cost to participants. * Please note food intolerances are not generally catered for.

3. Will I need to supply my own vehicle for the in-vehicle coaching part of the course?

No. A dual controlled vehicle will be supplied by the course provider.

4. What is the maximum number of participants for a course to be held?

Module 1 (the group discussion) will be run by a facilitator and the maximum number of participants is 12. Module 2 (the in-vehicle coaching session) will be delivered by a coach with two learner drivers.

5. Do I have to complete the course in a set order?

Yes. Participants must complete Module 1 (the facilitated group discussion), before completing Module 2 (the in-vehicle coaching session). Module 2 should be completed within one month of Module 1.

6. What happens if a learner only completes Module 1?

The 20 logbook hours credit will only be available for learners that have completed both Modules of the course within one month. Please be aware of course providers cancellation and rebooking policies.

7. In what circumstances can I receive a refund or partial refund for the course?

Course providers are required to advise all participants about their cancellation/refund policies at time of their booking. Participants can speak directly with their course provider regarding these policies.

8. Can I fail the course?

No. There is no assessment or pass/fail component of the Safer Drivers Course. However, participants must complete both course Modules to be eligible for the 20 hours logbook credit in their driver logbook.

9. How will the 20 hours credit be recorded in my logbook after I complete the course?

As you complete each Module the facilitator or coach will enter the details and sign off the course completion in your logbook on page 110 "Structured Lesson Record Keeper and Safer Drivers Course Record". In addition, the driving coach will enter 20 hours credit in the "Drivers experience record" section of your logbook so you can keep an accurate running total of your logbook hours. RMS Approved electronic "apps" may also be utilised for this purpose.

10. What happens if I have a logbook that was issued before July 2013?

You won't need to get a new logbook. The Course provider will staple a completed and signed insert on page 110  "Structured Lesson Record Keeper and Safer Drivers Course Record" of your logbook.

11. What if I have a grievance/complaint about one of the course providers or their staff?

Participants must firstly advise the course provider if they are unhappy with the service or if they seek to make a complaint about a facilitator or coach. If this process is unsatisfactory, you can lodge a formal complaint about the course provider by emailing or telephone 13 22 13, you can also mail your complaint to: Manager, Operational Policy, Safer Drivers Course Administration, Roads and Maritime Services, Locked Bag 928, North Sydney, NSW 2059

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