The aim of the Safer Drivers Course is to assist learners and all supporting supervising drivers to better understand the challenges and risk faced when transitioning to solo driving once a provisional licence is obtained.

In the six (6) month period following this transition, young drivers are at their highest risk of being involved in a fatality crash*.

Pro-Active Low Risk Driving provides a positive and engaging facilitated environment where teenagers and young adults can interact and discuss road safety working though this structured program. Our objective is that valuable lifelong driving knowledge and skills will be gained leading to safer choices and decision making.

This is then further developed through the in car coaching session with a qualified driving instructor with emphasise on low risk driving strategies and skills reinforcement including the following:

  • Understand the relationship between driver behaviour and increased crash risk
  • Further develop strategies to address risk, including safe gap selection by understanding Crash Avoidance Space (CAS) principles and the five (5) main crash types
  • Hazard perception and response to hazards
  • Vision and speed management
  • Decision making and choices.


* Research results from the NSW Government & RMS

Safer Drivers Course

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Transitioning to solo driving is challenging. Take your time to increase your current knowledge and awareness and become a confident and independent Safer Driver.

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