Safer Drivers Course

In July 2013, the NSW government introduced the Safer Drivers Course as part of an ongoing review of the licensing system.

The Safer Drivers Course is designed to provide young learner drivers with theoretical and practical knowledge to assist with further developing driver self-awareness and self-monitoring risk management skills.

Details of the Course

Module 1 – This is a three (3) hour facilitated interactive workshop with between 6-12 learner participants. The environment is relaxed and activities are designed to encourage open discussion and feedback in identifying, understanding and managing risk and developing stronger resilience to peer influences by providing coping mechanisms.

Module 2 – This is a two (2) hour in car coaching session designed to complement the Module 1 session by practically applying proven and do-able low risk driving concepts on the road. It’s also a reflective process where learners can “reassess and recalibrate” their initial understanding of their capabilities and safer driving awareness on the road leading to safer decision making processes.

At the completion of both modules within the required timeframe*, 20 bonus hours will be credited to your Learner Logbook.


 *You must complete both sessions within one (1) month to be eligible for the 20 hour logbook credit.

Be Safer.

Transitioning to solo driving is challenging. Take your time to increase your current knowledge and awareness and become a confident and independent Safer Driver.

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