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Pro–Active Low Risk Driving is committed to making a real difference with road safety education. Our experienced team of professionals have been carefully selected to ensure we have a positive effect on reducing road trauma. We understand and care about the effects these events have on the broader community and we work closely with community groups and Government bodies to better address local needs.

Established in 2004, our Company has delivered individual and group training on Low Risk Driving Techniques and Behavioural Change to many thousands of learners, mature age and senior drivers.

We aim to make all training provided interactive and enjoyable, delivered in a safe and respectful environment.

Having delivered the Safer Drivers Course since inception in July 2013, in 2017, Pro-Active Low Risk Driving were approved as a provider to continue the delivery of the Safer Drivers Course and we look forward to helping your community.

Pro-Active Low Risk Driving is a member of the NSW Driver Trainers Association which is regarded as the peak industry body for driver trainers in NSW.

Safer Drivers Course

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Transitioning to solo driving is challenging. Take your time to increase your current knowledge and awareness and become a confident and independent Safer Driver.

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