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COVID-19 Potential course postponements

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation is constantly changing. At Pro-Active Low Risk Driving we closely monitor and respond to such changes as may be required in accordance with the best available Government Health advice.

The health, safety and well-being of our staff, customers and the broader community is our number one priority and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience potential course rescheduling may cause.

We thank you for your loyalty and understanding and ask that you too take all measures to look after yourself and all those around you.


Why the Safer Drivers Course?

In July 2013, the NSW Government introduced the Safer Drivers Course for young learner drivers as part of an ongoing review of the licensing system. 

Pro-Active Low Risk Driving is an accredited provider of the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course having proudly delivered the course since inception.

This course is designed to establish safer driving practices for learner drivers under the age of 25, who are statistically most at risk of a fatal accident once they get their provisional licence and drive unsupervised.

This is achieved by creating the learning opportunity to gain a deeper understanding behind the "why". This includes identifying participants strengths and vulnerabilities and enhancing theoretical knowledge and practical in car skills including peer pressure coping strategies.

Research has shown that the more supervised practice a learner driver undertakes, the lower their chance of an incident* . This course allows learners and supervising drivers to benefit and continue to gain further effective practice applying proven do-able Low Risk Driving Behaviours following the course to assist in minimising road trauma.

* Research results from the NSW Government & RMS.       

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Be Safer.

Transitioning to solo driving is challenging. Take your time to increase your current knowledge and awareness and become a confident and independent Safer Driver.

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